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Interested in The Renée Crown University Honors Program?

High-achieving students invited to apply for Honors Program admission

Sep 9, 2015 — Article by: Amy Manley

Bowne Hall

Bowne Hall, home to The Renée Crown University Honors Program

For more than half a century, The Renée Crown University Honors Program, an all-University program housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, has enriched the academic environment on campus. 

Integral to the program’s success is its “attributes-based curriculum,” providing students with a comprehensive and customizable academic experience, which culminates with a rigorous Capstone Project. The Capstone is a two-year project designed to reflect the core of each student’s honors experience. Capstones, in fact, often have a life beyond the University, as many students publish, perform, or present them after graduation. 

“The Honors Program at Syracuse gives each student the opportunity to chart the course of his or her own interests,” says director  Stephen Kuusisto. “A Capstone project is a personal reflection of curiosity and true diligence. The outcome is invested scholarship.”

While numerous students enroll in the Honors Program straight out of high school, a surprisingly large number enters as first- or second-year students or as external transfers. That the program is open to undergraduates from all schools and colleges on campus truly makes it an institutional success story. 

On average, about half of the incoming Honors students have applied to the program midway through their first academic year. In addition, some rising sophomores opt to apply to the Honors program in June, seeking admission in the fall.  For those students, it’s strongly advised that they meet with Associate Deputy Director Hanna Richardson before applying, just to make sure they’ll have time to complete the multi-layered program.

The application deadline for Spring Semester (2016) is Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015. For more information, visit:

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