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Someone’s in the Kitchen with Daniel

A Fiesta Bowl internship is one A&S graduate’s secret ingredient for success

Jan 22, 2015 — Article by: Laura Bulman

Kitchen walking with the Fiesta Bowl mascot

Kitchen '14 walking with the Fiesta Bowl mascot, Spirit, in the 44th Annual Fiesta Bowl Parade

Less than a year after graduating from Syracuse University, Daniel Kitchen ’14 is already putting his liberal arts education to work. Kitchen is a digital marketing and communications intern at the Fiesta Bowl organization in Scottsdale, Ariz., where he has assisted with dozens of major events, including the 2014 VIZIO Fiesta Bowl and the 2015 TicketCity Cactus Bowl. Kitchen has come a long way from Central New York, where he majored in writing and rhetorical studies, with a focus on sports management.

A&S recently caught up with Kitchen to get a 50-yard-line perspective on life after college: 

How do you think Syracuse has prepared you for your work at the Fiesta Bowl organization?

Syracuse has been instrumental in getting me where I am today. The combination of a great education with an excellent alumni base has paid huge dividends for me. The University has transformed me from a clueless teenager to a more focused and mature individual. I have aspirations that I couldn’t have even dreamt of five years ago.  

Would you elaborate?

Syracuse prepared me to do almost anything. Through the College’s Liberal Arts Core, I learned the importance of effective communication. So when it came time to declare my major [during my junior year], I was already seeing a noticeable improvement in my writing and public speaking.

I take great pride in being able to articulate myself clearly and to communicate with conviction. It’s imperative to success in almost any field, particularly mine. It’s also made me a well-rounded professional.

Fiesta Bowl Holiday Card

The Fiesta Bowl Holiday Card: Kitchen '14 is featured in the back row, on the right sporting Syracuse gear

Is there anything else at Syracuse for which you are grateful?

I am thankful for the strong relationships that I built with not only my friends and classmates, but also my professors and academic advisors. In fact, I got to know a few of my professors really well, but it wasn’t until my senior year that I began to realize the genuine interest they were taking in getting to know the “real me.” Their commitment level was amazing. 

How did you spend your free time on campus?   

During my four years at Syracuse, I made it a priority to attend as many home games as possible. I’ll never forget last year’s men’s basketball game against Duke on Feb. 1. It was the single greatest sporting event of which I have ever been a part. [Syracuse won in overtime, before a record crowd.] 

I also ran a weekly basketball clinic for inner-city youth at nearby Wilson Park and tutored high school students in math, science, and writing through the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection program. 

I’m excited to see where all these experiences will take me next.

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