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Arts and Sciences Communications Guidelines and References

Cascade Web Development references

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Video Production

Hosting a video for inclusion in social media, websites or for use in a class:
There are two internal hosting possibilities for video. Our College YouTube channel is best for promotional videos. The academic streaming server can host videos that are used in classrooms, blackboard or need to be password protected. Most common file formats for video are mp4/m4v and quicktime (mov). Depending on your project, members of the College Communications team or Information Technology and Services (ITS) may be able to assist you.

Video production:The College produces short videos to promote its academic units. These projects are scheduled well in advance and should be coordinated through Communications Director Sarah Scalese.

Technical Assistance with Video Production:
If your project involves a guest speaker or lecturer, you can utilize the services provided by: Learning Environments and Media Production. This unit maintains professional quality recording and editing equipment and is fee-based. If you are a faculty member desiring to self-record a lecture to your class, contact the College's computing group by emailing

Best practices:

  • Make sure your speaker has given permission in writing to place the videotape of the event online. Permission to tape does not explicitly include permisison for online. Verbal agreements are not binding.

Video production and Accessibility:
Videos that will be posted online to the public need captioning to be accessible. The College Communications team has made it a practice to caption all videos it produces. All Arts and sciences units should follow these practices.

  • When arranging for an event to be videotaped, arrange for a transcript of the speaker's talk if possible.
  • Transcribing and Captioning are separate steps. Captioning is much less expensive if you have a transcript. Departments need to incorporate the cost of captioning into their budgets if they want to put videos online.
  • Syracuse University has access to a fee based service for captioning videos at reduced fees.

College & Department Wordmarks and Graphics

For wordmarks suitable for print or online use, contact Sarah Scalese

Images of College Faculty and Staff

For images suitable for print or online use, contact Sandy Slink