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Transform lives; Create possibilities; Incite positive change: Give to The College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences provides extraordinary opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, research, service, and enterprise. We could not be where we are today, and can not envision where we will be tomorrow, without the support of alumni and friends committed to advancing the creation of knowledge and providing opportunity for today’s students and faculty.  We rely on the support of donors who share our belief in the potential of education to change the world.  We invite you to join us.

Support Students

Increasing student access to a college education is one of the most effective ways to create a more prosperous, equitable, and globally competitive society. Endowing a scholarship for students in The College of Arts and Sciences ensures that qualified students, regardless of financial resources, can take full advantage of an excellent liberal arts education. Scholarships and graduate fellowships may be funded with cash, bequests, retirement funds, annuities, or charitable trusts that can be structured as planned gifts. These gifts open doors to unlimited possibilities for future generations. Please contact us to discuss options.

Endow an Undergraduate Scholarship

Approximately 80 percent of Syracuse University students receive some form of financial aid. One of the best and most meaningful ways to support The College is to endow a scholarship for students enrolled in The College of Arts and Sciences.   Please contact us to discuss options.

Here’s how:

1.  Name it:Decide how to name your scholarship. Many donors use their own name, or choose to honor their parents, another family member, or classmates and friends.

2.  Preferences:In addition to stating a preference that your scholarship support students enrolled in The College of Arts and Sciences, you may include additional preferences, such as support for students from a particular geographical region or academic major.

3.  Sign a Gift Agreement:Staff from The College’s Office of Advancement will prepare a simple, one-page gift agreement to be signed by both you and University officials. The agreement provides a permanent record for both you and The College about your gift intentions and preferences.

4.  Make your gift:Transfer cash, securities, or other assets to The College to complete your gift.

Undergraduate Research Fellowships

The opportunity to conduct research as an undergraduate cultivates discovery and inquiry-based education, allowing students to pursue research projects in the arts, humanities, and the sciences in collaboration with at least one faculty mentor.  A semester-long or summer research fellowship offers talented undergraduates the chance to work on cutting edge research with faculty or pursue their own ideas.  Undergraduate research fellows are required to develop research plans, write proposals, conduct research, analyze data, and present their research results in oral and written form. Gifts between $500 and $5,000 are needed, which will support one or more undergraduate research projects each semester.  Please contact us to discuss options.

Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships support the next generation of innovators, scholars, and teachers whose ideas can change the world. These young scholars push their disciplines in new directions, and mentor and teach undergraduates.  Graduate Fellows also play key roles in retaining top faculty and recruiting top students to The College’s graduate programs. Please contact us to discuss options.

Support Faculty

Through their teaching, research, and scholarship, College of Arts and Sciences faculty explore the arts, literatures, languages, cultures, thought, beliefs, and the politics of ancient civilizations to modern times. They listen for the symphony of signals produced by black holes and dark matter; explore rainforests, glaciers, and oceans; and expand our fundamental understanding of cells, molecules, atoms, quantum mechanics, and human behavior. 
 Supporting their work helps continue The College's legacy of innovation, creativity, and interdisciplinary collaboration on campus, across our nation, and around the world.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Gifts to endow faculty positions enable The College to attract and retain exceptional faculty dedicated to research and excellence in teaching. Endowed professorships also provide faculty and graduate students dependable funding for research and other creative initiatives. The start-up costs for new faculty members are substantial.  Endowed chairs and professorships allow The College to provide for the specialized equipment, sophisticated computer systems, travel support, and graduate assistants.

Levels of Giving

Chancellor’s Chair $5 million or above

A gift at this top level enables Syracuse University to recruit and support scholars of national and international distinction. These individuals not only raise the level of academic discourse throughout the University, they attract other top faculty and students and increase outside funding from corporations, foundations, and federal sources.

Chair $2 million or above

Funds contributed to establish an endowed chair support The College of Arts and Sciences efforts to attract and retain scholars of national acclaim, or to support an existing member of the faculty.

Professorship $1 million or above

By offering increased compensation and other types of direct support for scholarly activities, endowed professorships support teaching and research by outstanding faculty.

Faculty Research Fund

Faculty Research Funds

Support new ideas and innovation!  Create a research fund that will be used by the Dean of The College of Arts and Sciences, or at the discretion of departmental chairs to support faculty research projects.  An endowed fund to support faculty research may be created with a minimum gift of $50,000.

Dean's Fund

The College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Fund provides unrestricted support to the College’s greatest needs. With nearly two dozen departments and three dozen interdisciplinary programs in the sciences, mathematics, humanities, and social sciences, the College strives to provide the best academic experience to over one-third of the entire Syracuse University population.

The Dean’s Fund provides primary support to the following areas:

Student Support: Our greatest priority is to provide our students with the resources they need to achieve their full potential. The College provides a number of programs that provide academic enrichment for our students, including:

  • McNair Scholars Program – Preparing high achieving undergraduate students for graduate/doctoral studies with hands-on research, academic services and financial support
  • The Center for Innovative Learning (iLearn) – Providing innovative educational programs and undergraduate research activities in the College and its departments
  • SU Abroad Opportunities – Preparing students for the world with invaluable internships, Signature Seminars, language study at all levels, homestays, and community engagement projects

Career and Advising Initiatives: A strong liberal arts education prepares our students for a wide variety of different career paths, as evidenced by our alumni who have achieved great success in academics, business, law, government and the arts. The Dean of the College has initiated new programs to provide our students the opportunity to explore the opportunities that await them after graduation by introducing them to these careers while still on campus. These new initiatives include:

  • Student Immersion Trips - Engaging students in their own career exploration process to gain exposure to a variety of different geographical regions, and build awareness of their chosen field. Students travel to New York City to explore business and finance careers, Atlanta to visit Fortune 500 companies, and Washington D.C. to explore careers in public administration
  • Career Conversations – Bringing successful alumni to campus to discuss their career path beginning as an Arts and Sciences student, giving students the opportunity to ask engaging questions and network with a strong SU advocate
  • Mentoring – Connecting SU students with a successful alumni in their home region over Summer, Winter and Spring break to have a more direct conversation about career paths and the job market. Students get valuable one on one advice as well as an advocate to their success.

Faculty and Student Research: Syracuse University is a nationally ranked university -- one of the top academic research institutions in the country. One of the defining characteristics of this distinction is the level of research activity from students and faculty on campus. Faculty and student researchers pioneer ideas that have impact around the world. Their interdisciplinary approach helps shape the way we understand a wide range of academic disciplines–from brain science to social science, engineering to art—and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements. The College of Arts and Sciences is leading the charge on research at SU, and it requires a significant investment of resources. In order to support and constantly improve our profile in research, the College of Arts and Sciences utilizes the Dean’s Fund by supporting the following:

  • Undergraduate Research - Providing lab-based, credit-bearing educational opportunities to undergraduate students, supervised by a faculty member
  • Graduate Research – Research is the core of any graduate student’s experience in the College of Arts and Sciences. Research allows students to dive deep into their area of study, collaborate with peers, speak at conferences, and publish their work
  • Faculty Research – When you hear about ground breaking research, it’s usually conducted on a college campus. Faculty Research is the hallmark of excellence for Universities worldwide. Providing Faculty with the tools they need to complete their research is a critical component to the overall excellence of the College and the University at-large

Your support for the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Fund provides all of this and more. To learn more about the Deans Fund, please contact the Office of Advancement at 315.443.1995 or