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rob doyle in lab with students

Support Students

Increasing student access to a college education is one of the most effective ways to create a more prosperous, equitable, and globally competitive society. Endowing a scholarship for students in The College of Arts and Sciences ensures that qualified students, regardless of financial resources, can take full advantage of an excellent liberal arts education. Scholarships and graduate fellowships may be funded with cash, bequests, retirement funds, annuities, or charitable trusts that can be structured as planned gifts. These gifts open doors to unlimited possibilities for future generations. Please contact us to discuss options.

Endow an Undergraduate Scholarship

Approximately 80 percent of Syracuse University students receive some form of financial aid. One of the best and most meaningful ways to support The College is to endow a scholarship for students enrolled in The College of Arts and Sciences. Please contact us to discuss options.

Here’s how:

  1. Name it: Decide how to name your scholarship. Many donors use their own name, or choose to honor their parents, another family member, or classmates and friends.
  2. Preferences: In addition to stating a preference that your scholarship support students enrolled in The College of Arts and Sciences, you may include additional preferences, such as support for students from a particular geographical region or academic major.
  3. Sign a Gift Agreement: Staff from The College’s Office of Advancement will prepare a simple, one-page gift agreement to be signed by both you and University officials. The agreement provides a permanent record for both you and The College about your gift intentions and preferences.
  4. Make your gift: Transfer cash, securities, or other assets to The College to complete your gift.

Undergraduate Research Fellowships

The opportunity to conduct research as an undergraduate cultivates discovery and inquiry-based education, allowing students to pursue research projects in the arts, humanities, and the sciences in collaboration with at least one faculty mentor. A semester-long or summer research fellowship offers talented undergraduates the chance to work on cutting edge research with faculty or pursue their own ideas. Undergraduate research fellows are required to develop research plans, write proposals, conduct research, analyze data, and present their research results in oral and written form. Gifts between $500 and $5,000 are needed, which will support one or more undergraduate research projects each semester. Please contact us to discuss options.

Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships support the next generation of innovators, scholars, and teachers whose ideas can change the world. These young scholars push their disciplines in new directions, and mentor and teach undergraduates. Graduate Fellows also play key roles in retaining top faculty and recruiting top students to The College’s graduate programs. Please contact us to discuss options.