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Deadlines for Committee Sponsorship 2019 Cycle

*Premed and predental students who do not meet the deadlines will not be reviewed by the Health Professions Advisory Committee

1. First Year at Syracuse University Register for Health Professions Profile

Review HPAC Policy

2. Each Semester Update Health Professions Profile. Meet with a College Advisor at 323 HL (call 315-443-3150 for appointment)

3. During the Fall Semester 2017

--Update Health Professions Profile

--Complete and submit Intent to Apply form (Deadline first Monday in February)*

--Complete Request for Letter of Recommendation forms (three to five) Note: two letters must be from science and one must be from major faculty members

4. Winter Break 2017

--Work on Personal Statement

--Study for MCAT/DAT: See resources on AAMC  and ADEA  websites; research registration dates

--Research and draft list of potential schools

--Update Profile

5. Spring Semester—January and February 2018

--Update Health Professions Profile

--Schedule Letter Conversation with College Advisor

--Seek Feedback and Refine Personal Statement

6. Spring Semester—March to May 1, 2018

--Complete Health Professions Profile including personal statement, sponsorship questions, and full descriptions of experiences by May 1, 2018*

--Confirm that at least three Recommendation Letters are received by Health Professions Advising by March 5, 2018; HARD deadline May 1, 2018

--Complete Letter Conversation by May 1, 2018 (failure to show after two scheduled interviews will result in non-sponsorship)

Deadlines to Provide Submitted Centralized Application, Schools List and Letter Request Form to Health Professions are as follows:

Group One: by June 8, 2018 for Health Professions to send letter packet within 6 weeks

Group Two: by June 15, 2018 for Health Professions to send letter packet by within 6 weeks

Group Three: by June 22, 2018 for Health Professions to send letter packet by within 6 weeks

Group Four: after June 29, 2018 all letters will be sent on a rolling basis

Note: Early Assurance deadlines vary