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students on bench in hall of languages meeting with advisor

Our Services

Student-Centered Advising

Our Professional Advisors offer individualized, student-centered academic counseling with all students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences. We assist students in creating the most optimal academic plan to reach their learning objectives during their undergraduate careers as well as develop and hone required skills and knowledge in pursuit of their career aspirations. In addition to offering advising services, we help students develop a support network through our collaboration with other campus-wide resources.

Professional Advisors are available to meet with students throughout the academic year.  We help students understand the value of a liberal arts education and counsel students during the course of their academic careers. Areas of expertise include helping students to:

  • Understand the Liberal Arts Core;
  • Select courses, majors, and minors;
  • Develop time management skills;
  • Map strategies to improve academic performance;
  • Identify academic enrichment opportunities;
  • Maintain steady progress toward degree completion;
  • Plan for graduate school or entry into the job market.

Students are assigned an individual Professional Advisor at the beginning of their academic careers. These assigned individual advisors help students transition to college, discuss course selection and class schedules, and provide insights about the academic experience in the College of Arts and Sciences and opportunities available at Syracuse University. After students declare a major, typically during their first or second year, they are assigned a professional advisor dedicated to specific majors and discplines. In addition, once students declare a major, they will work with a faculty advisor regarding their major interests and post-graduation plans.

Guidance through Degree Completion

 In addition to providing academic counseling, Professional Advisors support students by:

  • Maintaining academic records, which are private and only accessible to students, records specialists, advsiors and academic counselors;
  • Processing petitions and academic forms; and
  • Certifying degree completion for students pending graduation.

It is the student's responsibility to confirm the fact that he or she will satisfy degree requirements. When you have any questions or concerns about your outstanding degree requirements, we encourage you to meet with your Professional Advisor.

Appointments and Drop-Ins

By Appointment

Students are welcome to speak with their Professional Advisor about individual questions or concerns by appointment. Please schedule an appointment with your Professional Advisor through OrangeSUccess to discuss your academic plans, progress toward degree completion, and goals beyond graduation.


Professional Advisors are available for 15-Minute Drop-Ins every day of the week to discuss academic matters that require shorter discussions. Students sign in for a Drop-In at 329 Hall of Languages. Drop-in hours are:

11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday

During Registration: Drop-In Hours have been extended to 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day from April 1 through April 16th, 2019.

Forms for Academic Actions

Many of the forms for academic actions are available online. Visit the Academic Forms page of our website to view and print forms, including petitions, declarations of majors and minors, independent study proposals, withdraw forms, and others. Have questions about the process? Please visit us at 329 Hall of Languages to speak to a Professional Advisor.

Useful Information

Need an Unofficial Transcript?

Students can view and print an unofficial transcript from myslice. Under Student Services, click on My Academics and then select View My Advising Transcript. Note: It may take a few minutes to load.

Important Academic Dates and Deadlines

Students are responsible for understanding and abiding by certain academic deadlines for many academic actions, such as registering for classes, adding, dropping or withdrawing from classes. They are additionally responsible for attending courses when the academic semester is in progress, and for attending all reading days and final exams. To fully understand important academic dates and deadlines, visit the academic calendar (PDF).