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Health Professions Advisory Committee

In today’s competitive healthcare world, professional schools expect applicants to work with a professional staff member to prepare them to be a strong applicant. Admissions Deans will also expect applicants to secure a letter from their undergraduate pre-health advising office. Our Health Professions Advising (HPA) office provides a Committee Sponsorship Letter or a Non-Sponsorship Letter for our advisees who seek sponsorship depending on eligibility.  To be considered for either type of letter, advisees complete certain steps required by our office, including maintaining a Health Professions Profile. During their first year, advisees begin their profiles online after meeting with a health professions counselor. The profile, which we have designed to help pre-health students organize their materials as they prepare for their professional goal, also resembles the primary centralized application services. To understand the criteria for the Health Profession Advisory Committee's evaluation of applicants and the ratings assigned, we strongly recommend that you carefully review the Health Professions Advisory Committee Sponsorship Policy.

Committee Sponsorship Letter

Applicants must complete the following steps to in order to be considered for Health Professions Advising Committee sponsorship:

  • Achieve a minimum overall GPA of 3.2 if a medical applicant, and a minimum GPA of 3.0 if a dental applicant
  • Achieve a minimum overall science/math (BCPM) GPA  of 3.2 at Syracuse University if a medical applicant, and a minimum overall science/math (BCMP) GPA of 3.0 at Syracuse University if a dental applicant
  • Complete the prerequisite courses assigned by the committee (see Policy)
  • Submit a Health Professions Profile
  • Submit 3-5 Letters of Recommendation; two must be from a science faculty member and one must be from a faculty member within one’s major department
  • Complete a Letter Conversation with a College Advisor
  • Provide a copy of your submitted centralized application to Health Professions Advising

For more information, see the Health Professions Advisory Committee Sponsorship Policy.

Non-Sponsorship Letter

For students and graduates who do not satisfy the criteria listed in the Health Professions Sponsorship Policy, HPA provides a Non-Sponsorship letter. Upon request, HPA staff can provide copies of individual letters of recommendation to identified professional schools. This collection of materials, with a cover letter from HPA, will be distributed to each identified professional school.

Submission of Letters

We require each applicant to adhere to the following steps in order for our Health Professions Advising office to properly process all letters:

  • HPA must receive a copy of the officially submitted application in PDF format via email to CAS Advising ( in adherence to deadlines before letters will be sent to schools
  • HPA must receive a copy of the AMCAS Request Form (for M.D. applicants only) in adherence to deadlines before letters will be sent to schools
  • D.O. applicants must provide a list of schools to which they plan to apply to HPA (
  • Refer to our Flow Charts (2019 cycle) which highlight the deadlines and timeline of letter submissions

Applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating that their letter packet has been processed by our office.