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2017 A&S Convocation ceremony in the Dome.  Photo credit to Steve Sartori.

Bachelor's Convocation 2018

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to welcome all participating students, parents and guests to the 2018 Bachelor's Convocation on Saturday, May 12, and cordially invites you to join the College of Arts and Sciences' faculty and staff for light refreshments immediately following Convocation. The receptions will be held in the locations indicated below. Faculty members will be assembled in their corresponding departments. For receptions on The Quad, restrooms are available in Hendrick's Chapel (wheelchair accessible) and the Physics Building on the first floor.

Event Procedure for Students

  • Please arrive at the Dome (use lower level gates A, B, D, E, F, and upper level gates G, N, P) by 7:30 a.m.  All participating students and guests will be required to pass through security before being seated.  Security wands will be used and only purses or bags measuring 10” x 10” OR LESS will be allowed into the Dome, and they will be searched upon entry.  There will be NO HOLDING AREAS for purses or bags not allowed into the Dome, so please plan accordingly and arrive early.
  • Tickets are not needed for Convocation as the Dome is large enough to accommodate all of the College’s guests.  If any of your guests need an interpreter, please have them sit in Aisle 126 or 127.
  • Concession stands will be open at 7:30 a.m.  No food or drink is allowed on the Dome floor.  Water will be provided to students.
  • The Convocation ceremony begins at 8:30 a.m. and will last approximately two hours.
  • When you arrive at your seat, please fill out the information card you find on your chair (pencils will be provided).  It is important that your information is legible so we can read your name when you cross the stage.
  • An usher will indicate when your row should come to the stage.  You will hand your card to the usher on stage, proceed across the lower platform when your name is called, shake hands with Dean Ruhlandt and Dean Van Slyke then receive your College pin from Associate Dean Salomone.
  • A professional photographer will take your picture when Dean Ruhlandt and Dean Van Slyke shake your hand.  We will mail a free color proof and reorder information to the address on your information card.  Please share this information with your family.
  • Please exit the Dome using gate D

Schedule of Events

The Carrier Dome gates will open at 7 a.m. to allow extra time for security screening.
Participating students enter through Gate D no later than 8 a.m..
All guests enter lower level gates A,B,D,E,F, and upper level gates G,N,P.

IMPORTANT: Students, parents and guests may not bring in purses or bags larger than 10" x 10" in size, and there will be no holding area for these items or other prohibited items. Please be sure to arrive no later than 8 a.m. as Convocation will begin on schedule.

11:15 am — RECEPTIONS
Receptions will be hosted by the various academic departments in the following locations:
(Please be sure to check your Convocation booklet for any last minute location changes.)

African American Studies Quad, Tent C
Anthropology Maxwell Hall, Foyer, First Hall
Art and Music Histories Quad, Tent B
Biochemistry Quad, Tent E
Biology Quad, Tent E
Biotechnology Quad, Tent E
Chemistry Quad, Tent D
Citizenship and Civic Engagement Maxwell Hall, Foyer, First Floor
Communication Sciences and Disorders Quad, Tent D
Earth Sciences Quad, Tent D
Economics Eggers Hall, Strasser Commons, Second Floor
English and Textual Studies
Quad, Tent B
Forensic Science Quad, Tent D
Geography 155 Eggers Hall, Room 151 and 155, First Floor
History 155 Eggers Hall, Room 151 and 155, First Floor
International Relations Eggers Hall, Strasser Commons, Second Floor
Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics Quad, Tent C
Mathematics Quad, Tent D
Neuroscience Quad, Tent E
Philosophy Quad, Tent C
Physics Quad, Tent D
Policy Studies Maxwell Hall, Foyer, First Hall
Political Science 220 Eggers Hall, Strasser Legacy Room, Second Floor
Psychology Quad, Tent A
Religion Quad, Tent B
Sociology Maxwell Hall, Foyer, First Hall
Women's and Gender Studies Quad, Tent C
Writing Program Quad, Tent C

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the participant requirements for the Bachelor's Degree Convocation?
Current students who will complete their coursework by August 2018 are invited to participate in Commencement in May 2018. Under extenuating circumstances, students who do not meet this requirement may petition their home colleges for permission to participate. It is the student's responsibility to know and fulfill all degree requirements for graduation. Participation in Convocation and Commencement ceremonies does not indicate that degree requirements have been completed. The Bachelor's degree candidate's filing of a Diploma Request on MySlice activates the certification process and awarding of a degree.

What is Convocation?
Dean Ruhlandt and Dean Van Slyke host a Convocation for the College of Arts and Sciences only on the Saturday before Commencement during which each student walks across the stage for individual recognition. Special awards are also presented. Students do not walk across the stage during commencement which is hosted by the University on the following day.

What time should I arrive on campus?
Participating students should arrive at the Carrier Dome by 8:00 a.m.. Doors will open at 7 a.m.. Please allow additional time for security screening at all venues, and please note that purses or bags larger than 10" x 10" will not be permitted in the Carrier Dome and there will be no holding area for these items.

Where do I park?
Free parking for the Bachelor's Degree Convocation is available in various parking lots. See the website for more information regarding parking and other travel details on Saturday, May 12.
NOTE: There will be NO shuttle bus service from Manley Field House to Main Campus on Saturday.

Is there a rehearsal?
No, there is no rehearsal for the Bachelor's Degree Convocation.

Must I wear my cap and gown to the Convocation?
Yes, you must wear your cap and gown to the Convocation as well as to the Commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 13. Caps and gowns are required for both events.

Are tickets required to attend Convocation?
Tickets are not required to attend the Bachelor's Degree Convocation.

Will there be an academic procession?
Yes, there is an academic procession.

Will my photograph be taken?
Yes. A professional photographer, from Genesee Photo Systems (1.800.345.7427), will take two photographs of each participating student—one before he or she crosses the stage and one as he or she is greeted by Dean Ruhlandt and Dean Van Slyke on stage. Participating students will fill out a blue card which will be placed on their chair at Convocation. After Convocation, order forms will be mailed to participating students, which will enable them to purchase copies of these photographs. A complimentary photo will be mailed to each student as well.There is no obligation to purchase any photographs.  Professional photographs are not available at the Commencement ceremony.

What do I do after the Convocation?
Bachelor's degree candidates and their faculties, families and friends are invited to attend a reception offering light refreshments following the Bachelor's Degree Convocation. (See table above for reception locations listed by department.)

Invitation from the Deans of Arts & Sciences and Maxwell.

Download the Dean's Invitation (PDF)

Commencement Link

For more information, visit the Commencement website.