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Course Selection Guide

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences! This guide is designed to help you navigate the College’s interactive course planner, the First Term Enrollment Selections (FTES) online system, available under Student Services on myslice. Incoming students will begin registering for courses on May 21st, 2019. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you read this guide BEFORE making selections in FTES. Selecting your first term courses involves the following steps:

  • Review this guide and related materials

  • Review your Transfer Credit Evaluation Summary (sent to you via email)
  • Complete each page of FTES and save your work

  • Consult with your College Advisor, who will work with you individually in mid May and June

  • Submit your finalized FTES by the July 2nd deadline

The questions and answers below will guide you through each page of the FTES online course selection system. If you need further assistance, please call 1.800.295.0994.

Important Note:

Listed on page 1in the FTES system is your dedicated College Advisor. You can contact your advisor to discuss your course selections, and to get answers to any questions you may have.


To ensure a smooth and easy FTES process, have these steps completed prior to starting your FTES form.

  1. Confirm your browser is compatible with MySlice. For information on which browsers are fully supported, visit MySlice Supported Browsers.
  2. Activate your Syracuse University NETID and password. Activation instructions are found here: NETID Instructions.



When filling out this form, it is important that you complete your selections based on your own goals and interests.

Confirm that all of the information directly below your name is correct. 

On the right side of the page, confirm that the major listed under “Intended Major” is correct.

  • If you are intending a different major within the college, please icontact your assigned advisor right away.


Under the blue bar labeled “Please provide the following information”:

  • Verify if English is your first language.
  • Check any of the following you will be participating in:
  • Syracuse University Marching Band (SUMB) “The Pride of the Orange”: If you are interested in participating in “The Pride of the Orange,” Syracuse University Bands offer a variety of opportunities for you to continue your music studies and performance while at SU. You are welcome visit the University Bands website at or contact the office at 315.443.2194. All members are required to attend band camp the week before classes begin.Rehearsals averaging six hours per week (three evenings, two hours each) occur during the fall semester with additional rehearsals during game week. You are required to register for Marching Band (ENI 510) for one credit. If you are at maximum credit load, your college will contact the band office for consent to register for band for zero credits.

    Find the Special Categories area on the Course Selection Sheet. Under SUMB, mark an in the appropriate box.

  • Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC): The Army ROTC meets for two academic hours, two leadership lab hours, and three physical fitness hours each week, and the Air Force meets for three academic and three physical fitness hours each week. Army ROTC program consists of a combination of credit and non-credit courses. Air Force ROTC courses can be taken for credit or non-credit. Army ROTC offers merit-based scholarships that pay for full tuition and fees at Syracuse, as well as monthly stipends. Air Force ROTC also offers merit-based scholarships that pay for full tuition or partial tuition and fees and gives each recipient a monthly stipend. In addition, all Army and Air Force scholarship winners receive an annual $9,500 Leadership Award from the University that can be applied to their room and board fees.

    Find the Special Categories area on the Course Selection Sheet. Under ROTC, mark an x in the appropriate box, either Air Force or Army. For information: Special Categories ROTC General Information: 1.800.295.7456.

    Air Force: 315.443.2461

    Army: 315.443.2462

  • Verify Division 1 athletic participation: If you are playing a Division 1 sport (even as a walk-on) during your first year at Syracuse University, indicate your intention here. A box will appear for you to specify the sport in which you intend to compete.

  • Summer phone number: Enter the phone number that you can be reached at this summer in the box provided, in case your advisor has any questions.

Next, find three important tools under the “Resources” heading:

  • Instructions: How to Complete This Form – this link is another way to get to the information you are reading now.
  • Telephone Assistance – 1.800.295.0994 is the toll free number that you should use to contact the College of Arts & Sciences and Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs Office of Academic and Career Advising between the dates of May 20–June 30, 2019. If you need to reach us during another time, our permanent telephone number is 315.443.3150.

On the right side of the page, under the blue bar labeled “Additional Program Information”: if you have been accepted into the Renee Crown University Honors Program, you will see information listed here.

  • Renee Crown University Honors Program: if you have been admitted, please refer to the special “Supplemental Instructions for Honors Students” link found here. Please wait to make your final selection of courses until you have read this material. If you have questions about selecting Honors courses, call 1.800.295.2537.

On the right side of the page, under the blue bar labeled “Placement Exams”: Incoming students are strongly encouraged to take placement exams, available on myslice, before making their course selections. For the fall semester, you are required to take the placement exam available on this link before selecting a math or language course on page 3. This area is also where you will be able to view your score, test date, and the math or language course(s) that you tested into. Be aware that all students in the college are required to complete either a language to the 202 level, or a math or statistics sequence (qualitative and quantitative skills.) If you expect to receive AP/IB or transfer credit for a language or math, please consult with your College Advisor before taking the placement exam. 

Language exams are available for Ancient Greek, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. For certain languages, you may be required to take an additional exam if you place beyond the 101 level.

If you have any additional questions about placement exams, please visit the IT website. Students who require disability-related accommodations should contact the Office of Disability Services by calling 315.443.4498.

Now, let's start going over the courses you will be registered for:

“Required Courses (You will be automatically enrolled in the following)”:

These are the courses that are required for all students in their first semester at Syracuse, and you will be automatically enrolled in these. We will ask you if you intend to bring any external credits to cover for these courses. If you are interested in viewing the descriptions of your required courses, visit the Course Catalog and click on “Courses” on the left side. 

Note: Including your required courses, you will be registered for a minimum of 16 credits for the Fall semester.

Additional information regarding your required courses is needed (for example, if you are expecting AP, IB, or external credits to transfer.) In order to let us know that, please complete the next region on Page 1:


Writing Course Requirements:

“WRITING: Choose one of the following writing options”: WRT 105 Studio I – Academic Writing is required for all students in all majors. Read the options carefully and select the one that applies to you.

  • I will be taking the required writing class (3 credits) – if your primary language is English, and you have never taken a college level writing course. You will be automatically registered for WRT 105 if you select this option.
  • I expect to receive AP, IB or transfer credit for writing and will not be taking this class – if any of the below is true for you, you should select this box:
  1. I took the AP English Language and Composition exam and received or expect to receive at least a minimum score of 4. Enter this information on page 2 of FTES.
  2. I took the Higher Level (HL) IB English Language and Literature, or the English Literature exam and received or expect to receive at least a minimum score of 5. Enter this information on page 2 of the FTES.
  3. I took the SU Project Advance WRT 105 class and received or expect to receive the grade of D or above. Enter this information on page 2 of FTES.
  4. I took a writing class from an accredited university; I expect to receive at least a C and will forward a transcript to:
Syracuse University
College of Arts & Sciences
329 Hall of Languages
Syracuse, NY 13244
Or send via email to:
  • I have been admitted to the Renee Crown University Honors Program and will be taking an alternative Honors writing class (Enter choices on page 3) - you will need to read the Supplemental Instructions for Honors Students under the blue “Additional Program Information” bar for assistance with selecting an alternative. You will enter your choices for this alternative on page 3 under “Writing Alternative.”

  • ENL 201 – Intermediate English for Non-Native Speakers (3 credits) – English is NOT my primary language. I will take the English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE) when I arrive on campus. – you must choose this option if English is not your primary language. You will be automatically registered for ENL 201 until you take the ELA exam during Syracuse Welcome (refer to the Syracuse Welcome schedule for times and locations).



If you have test credits from AP, IB or CLEP, fill in the box AND have your official scores sent to Syracuse University. Not sure if you can get credit based on your score? Information on minimum scores and awarded credit can be found by clicking here.

As a transfer student, you should have received a transfer credit evaluation listing all of the courses for which you will receive credit.

If you have not received this, please contact your College Advisor. Type “Transfer Credit Evaluation” in the subject area and include your SUID in the body of the email.

Language Transfer Credit Evaluation Process

Students who have taken a language course or a math course at an accredited college or university should email a copy of the course syllabus to Please include your SUID and copy your College Advisor on the email. You will receive the result of the evaluation of the course within 10 business days.

IMPORTANT: You must request a final, official transcript to be submitted to Syracuse in order to receive credit. Official transcripts should be mailed to:

Syracuse University
College of Arts & Sciences
329 Hall of Languages
Syracuse, NY 13244-1170
Or send via email to:



“Additional Courses to be selected”: this is the area where you will choose the courses that may be required by your department for your first semester, as well as courses you are interested in taking.

As a student in The College of Arts and Sciences, you are required to complete your Liberal Arts Core requirements and your major requirements by the time you graduate. See the Liberal Arts Core Guidebook (2018-2019), the Course Catalog for course descriptions, and the Schedule of classes. Use these resources and complete the appropriate boxes by category. 

When selecting your courses, keep in mind that you must balance your course selections! Please make sure to include selections in each box (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences). Your FTES selections are not complete unless you list alternate courses.

If you have indicated a major, enter related courses in the appropriate box. See the list of majors and minors for descriptions of major requirements. If you have any questions about major requirements be sure to discuss these with your College Advisor.

If you will be receiving credit for a particular course, do not enroll in it. If you do so, you may lose your transfer, AP or IB credit for that class.

If you try to enroll in classes that are above the 300-level, whether for your core or your intended major, you will receive an error message that reads, “Subject Number not offered by your college”.

Your College Advisor must review and approve these selections before you will be allowed to register for them.

NOTE: If the course you are attempting to select requires an Extension ID, click on the magnifying glass next to the box. Click on "Look Up," and then choose the appropriate section. There will be one option with the label HNR, which is an option for Honors students. If you are not in the Renee Crown Honors Program, please select the other section.

LANGUAGE/MATH COURSES: is an REQUIRED section. Students are required to complete a language or a math skillset. Some majors require proficiency in either language or math, so all students should review major requirements before making course selections. You must take a Placement Exam prior to entering a choice in this section. Your results for the suggested course(s) you should select will appear in the Placement Exam Results box.

WRITING ALTERNATIVE: Leave this section blank if you checked WRT 105 or ENL on page 1. Otherwise please complete the sections accordingly.

IMPORTANT: The information you provide will assist advisors in building your fall schedule. Every effort will be made to place you in your choice of electives, as long as there are available seats and no scheduling conflicts with required courses.

Remember if you are interested in viewing the descriptions of courses, visit the Course Catalog and click on “Courses” on the left side.


  1. Estimated First Term Credits Total: this section must equal between 15 and 17 credits. If an error appears because it is less than 15 or more than 19, please make sure you delete the courses entered in one of the non-required boxes above.

  2. “Enter Notes Here”: the very last box on page 3 is a place for you to communicate anything you think our office should know. DO NOT pose questions here; if you have specific inquiries, contact your College Advisor or call the office at 315.443.3150.

  3. CAREER PATH: some students are interested in a career in the medical or law fields. If that if your intention, please select the appropriate box below (otherwise, please leave it blank.) PLEASE INDICATE BELOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE FOLLOWING PATHS:
  • Please check the appropriate box if you have an interest in a Pre-Health or Pre-law path. Pre-Health and Pre-Law are not official majors but are tracks at Syracuse University. While at SU, you will have the opportunity to connect with a Pre-Health or Pre-Law advisor who will work with you to determine a starting academic plan

    For further information about preparing for the health professions, visit the College's health professions advising website. For further information about preparing for the legal professions, please see the College's prelaw advising website.




This page offers you a summary of your selections. Please review all of the information that you have entered into the FTES.

Once you have completed your FTES entries on all pages, save your selections. Call (315) 443-3150 to make an appointment to review your selections with your College Advisor. Your FTES Course Selections must be submitted by the July 2nd deadline.

Remember, your form MUST be submitted by July 2nd, 2019. Once you submit your form, we suggest you keep a copy for your records – to print the form, click the button that says “Click to Print This Page for Your Records” on the top left of the page.

If you matriculate into the College past this deadline, you should still submit your course selections in FTES. Once you have submitted, we will assist you in creating a schedule prior to Opening Weekend.

Congratulations! You have finished filling out your FTES form! Your schedule will be available to view on MySlice beginning August 1.