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The 2018 Guide to Navigating the College of Arts and Sciences Online Course Selection System for Incoming First Year Students

Course Selection Guide for First Year Students

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences! This guide is designed to help you navigate the College’s interactive course planner, the First Term Enrollment Selections (FTES) online system, available under Student Services on myslice. Incoming students will begin selecting courses on May 21st, 2018. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you read this guide BEFORE making selections in FTES. Selecting your first term courses involves the following steps:

  • Review this guide and related materials

  • Complete each page of FTES and save your work

  • Speak with your Registration Advisor

  • Save your finalized FTES by the June 15th deadline

The questions and answers below will guide you through each page of the FTES online course selection system. If you need further assistance, please call 1.800.295.0994.

FTES Page 1: Required Courses and Student Data

Answers to the questions below can help you make the appropriate selections on page 1 of FTES.

Important Note:

Listed on page 1 of FTES is the name of your Registration Advisor who will be contacting you in mid-May to discuss your course selections and to answer any questions you may have.

Question 1: What are the required courses? First Year Forum

CAS 101: First Year Forum


A Writing Studio Course:

CAS 100 course descriptions or WRT 105 (for Native Speakers of English)


ENL courses (for Non-Native Speakers of English)

If you have questions regarding ENL courses, please contact Youmie Kim ( or Matthew Hammill (, ESOL Language Co-Coordinators by email or at at 315.443.9484.

Question 2: Do I take a Language or Math Placement Exam?

First year students are required to take placement exams, available on myslice, before making their course selections. 

If you have any additional questions about placement exams, please visit the IT website. Students who require disability-related accommodations should contact the Office of Disability Services by calling 315.443.4498.

Questions 3: What language placement exams are available?

Language exams are available for Ancient Greek, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. For certain languages, you may be required to take an additional exam if you place beyond the 101 level.

Question 4: What courses should I take if I have indicated an intended major?

For some majors, recommended courses are indicated on page 1 of FTES. If yours does not indicate a specific class, you should enroll in courses related to your intended major on page 3 of FTES. Review the Recommended Courses for Majors for descriptions of major requirements.

Question 5: What courses should I take if I am in the Honors Program?

If you have been admitted to the Renée Crown University Honors Program, please refer to the supplemental online registration information on your FTES. If you have questions about selecting Honors courses, call 1.800.295.2537 and ask to speak to Hanna Richardson or Karen Hall.

Question 6: How do I register for Special Categories?

If you plan to participate in ROTC, please indicate this in the information section on page 1. Under ROTC, mark an X in the appropriate box for either Air Force or Army.

If you are interested in participating in “The Pride of the Orange,” Syracuse University Marching Band, please call the band office at 315.443.2194 or email Fran Moore at You are required to register for the 1-credit course, Marching Band (ENI 510).

FTES Page 2: College Level Credit

Answers to the questions below can help you make the appropriate selections on page 2 of FTES.

Question 7: What do I do about Transfer Credit and AP Credit?

Do not enroll in courses for which you have already been awarded credit, or any that may be duplicated by AP or transfer credit. Please see these helpful links for more information regarding AP or IB credit: AP Scores Required for College Credit or IB Scores Required for College Credit.

Note: The College Board no longer sends your AP scores automatically. You must create and/or log in to your account on the College Board website and request that your scores be sent to our office.

If you have taken college level courses at another institution and you earned a grade of “C” or higher, please be sure to send the most up-to-date transcript to our office at the following address:

Advising and Career Services
323 Hall of Languages
Syracuse, NY 13244

If you have already sent your scores or transcript to central admissions, inform your Registration Advisor.

Question 8: How do I have my language, writing or math credit evaluated for Syracuse University credit?

If you anticipate transfer credit for language, writing, or math you must email a copy of the course syllabus to Please include your SUID and copy your Registration Advisor on the email. You will receive the result of the evaluation of the course within 10 business days.

Please keep in mind that if you choose to take a language course at Syracuse, and it is at a lower level than the one you have credit for, you cannot transfer in that other credit.

FTES Page 3: Course Selections

Answers to the questions below can help you make the appropriate selections on page 3 of FTES.

Question 9: How many credits should I take?

Students should take between 15 and 17 credits during their first semester. A minimum of 12 credits is considered full-time. Students can take up to 19 credits, however, this is generally not recommended in your first semester. Please speak with your Registration Advisor about balancing your course load.

Question 10: How do I know what courses to select?

As a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, you are required to complete your Liberal Arts Core requirements and your major requirements by the time you graduate. See the Liberal Arts Core Guidebook (2018-2019) and Courses Available to First Year Students.

Question 11: What courses are recommended for Language or Quantitative Skills?

Students are required to complete a language or a math skillset. Some majors require proficiency in either language or math, so all students should review major requirements  before making course selections.

Question 12: How do I select courses for the Divisional Requirements?

See the Liberal Arts Core Guidebook (2018-2019) and the Courses Available to First Year Students for an outline of the Core and a list of the courses that satisfy the various requirements.

Question 13: What else should I keep in mind when selecting courses?

Balance your course selections! In the divisional course section on page 3, students should pick a course from each divisional area (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences). Your FTES selections are not complete unless you list alternate courses.

Question 14: What courses should I take if I plan to enter the health or legal professions?

For further information about preparing for the health professions, visit the College's prehealth advising website. For further information about preparing for the legal professions, please see the College's prelaw advising website.

Question 15: If I am a dual student in a Secondary Education teacher preparation program. What courses should I select?

As with all Arts and Sciences students, you must select courses required by the College, along with specific courses for your Secondary Education major. If you have questions, consult with your Registration Advisor.

Tips for Page 3 on FTES:

At the bottom of page 3 there is a total count of credits. This number comes from the classes you selected from page 1 PLUS the classes entered in the “choice 1” boxes on page 3. Remember—depending on what you selected on page 1, you may only need to fill in one or two boxes on page 3.

FTES Page 4: Confirm Selections

Answers to the questions below can help you make the appropriate selections on page 4 of FTES.

Question 16: I have made my selections and completed FTES. Now what?

Once you have completed your FTES entries on all pages, save your selections. Call (315) 443-3150 to make an appointment to review your selections with your Registration Advisor. Your FTES Course Selections must be submitted by the June 16th deadline.