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The Dean's Team

What does a Dean’s Team member do?

The Dean’s Team helps the dean of The College of Arts and Sciences with important activities during the year. Members assist with the recruitment and transition of new Arts and Sciences students by e-mailing them during the summer, providing them with registration advice during Opening Weekend, assisting with deadlines throughout the year, and serving as First-Year Forum mentors. If you are interested in making a difference within The College of Arts and Sciences the Dean's Team is a great way to impact your academic community.

Are there any perks?

Yes! This type of leadership activity is what employers and graduate schools look for in prospective hires and graduate students. They like to see that you’ve taken the initiative and have gone out of your way to help others. In turn, you get to move in early on the Tuesday or Wednesday before Opening Weekend, as well as receive a free T-shirt. Also, each Dean’s Team member can receive one hour of academic credit (as available), a letter of recommendation, and a thank-you reception in your honor.

The Dean's Team is co-coordinated by the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Advising and Career Services, the College's Office of Admissions, and the Dean's Team Executive Board.

If you have any questions about the Dean's Team please email Chris Anderson at