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Office of the Dean, College Deans' Contacts

Dean's Office, Hall of Languages, Room 300
Dean George Langford 315-443-3949
Senior Associate Dean Gerry Greenberg (Academic Affairs, Humanities, and Curriculum, Instruction and Programs) 315-443-1414
Associate Dean James T. Spencer (Math, Natural Sciences) 315-443-3436
Assistant Dean Karl Solibakke (Finance and Long-Range Planning) 315-443-5823
Megan Travis (Assistant to the Dean) 315-443-3949
Sharon Darling (Temporary Administrator) 315-443-3949
Advising and Academic Support, Hall of Languages, Room 323
Associate Dean Kandice Salomone 315-443-1643
Shruti Amin Viswanathan (Director of Academic Advising and Counseling) 315-443-3150
Visitor Center, Hall of Languages, Room 301 
Associate Dean Steven Secora 315-443-4322
Office of Advancement, Hall of Languages, Room 312 
Assistant Dean Karen Weiss Jones (Advancement) 315-443-2028
Office of Communications, Hall of Languages, Room 308
Assistant Dean Mary Lerner (communications and Public Relations) 315-443-8575
Director of Communications and Media Contact Sarah Scalese 315-443-8085