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Watson Professorship

The Jeannette K. Watson Distinguished Visiting Professorship in the Humanities

The Jeanette K. Watson Distinguished Visiting Professorship was established to bring to Syracuse University those scholars and writers whose work is of great importance for the humanities.

The professorship was made possible by the generosity of the late Jeannette K. Watson. The family of Jeannette K. and Thomas J. Watson has long been friends of the University. Their gifts have endowed three chairs in the department of Religion and supported the construction of Watson Hall.

The Jeannette K. Watson Distinguished Visiting Professorship is intended to bring to our campus, typically for brief periods, the most distinguished of scholars, on order that they may interact professionally with our academic community, particularly students and faculty in the humanities. The selection of the chairholders is made by a committee of distinguished faculty in the humanities, following the wide solicitation of nominations.

Watson Professors 1981-2008

1981 Fall - Saul Bellow
1982 Fall - David Bohm
1982 Spring - Noam Chomsky
1983 Fall - Ernst Gombrich
1984 Spring - Frank Kermode
1986 Fall - Hans Mommsen
1986 Spring - John Searle
1988 Spring - Mario Vargas Llosa
1988 Fall - Toni Morrison
1990 Spring - Leo Steinberg
1992 Spring - Angela Davis
1993 Spring - Teresa de Lauretis
1994 Spring - Bernard Williams
1995 Spring - Natalie Zemon Davis
2001 Spring - Steven Greenblatt
2002 Spring - Martha Nussbaum
2003 Spring - Anthony Grafton
2004 Spring - Margaret Atwood
2005 Spring - Karen Armstrong
2008 Fall - William Edward Wallace